Our Way of Life

RiverTree Canal Fulton is a people sent to practice the way of Jesus together for the good of our city. The habits we practice shape us, so we have four spiritual habits we practice together each week to intentionally shape us to look more like Jesus. We call this way of life living #FOR4614

1: BLESS - Every week, we bless the people around us through words of encouragement, acts of service, and generosity. 

2: EAT - Every week, we practice hospitality by making room at our table to eat with others. 

3. LEARN - Every week, we learn of Jesus through the practices of Scripture reading and prayer. 

4. JOIN - Every week, we make our next steps to follow Jesus and join him in our world. 

Want to join us as we live #FOR4614? We would love to have you join us on mission by living #FOR4614, committing to these weekly practices on your own or with your family. Let us know you’re in by clicking the link below.