Life is better together.
Get connected with a Village.

We believe following Jesus is a team sport - that we were created to practice the way of Jesus  together. That is why we have Villages. A Village is a group of 10-25 people who practice the way of Jesus together for the good of a particular neighborhood or network. We encourage everyone to be a part of a Village and learn the way of Jesus in community, just like his disciples always have.

How do I find the right Village?

01 Pick a night you are available - Look at the list of Villages below and the night they gather.  Finding a night you can constantly attend is key.

02 Find a Group that fits - Choose from a variety of options from location, interest, and schedule to find the group that’s just right for you.

03 Sign Up -  Fill out the form here and a Group Leader will reach out to you.
Men's Village
Women's Craft Village
Women's Book Club
Townie Village
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High School

Looking for something different? It is very possible that our current Village list may not be what you are looking for. We are always looking to launch new Villages in new neighborhoods and networks! Let us know if you’d like to help or have an idea for one by filling out the form below.